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The ski and snowboard season is opening in several resorts this Thanksgiving. Along with abundant snow, the ski and snowboard schools at the U.S. resorts are geared up to teach you and increase your skills on the slopes.

Finding an instructor is easy with Ski Like That™!  It is one of the only sites were you can search for instructors from several resorts at once.  Search for information on this website and find the right instructor match for you, your friends and family. This is a FREE service.

If you are a ski or snowboard instructor, go to the website and sign up. It is FREE!

About Ski Like That™!

Ski Like That™ offers website visitors a chance to find ski and snowboard professional instructors.  Ski Like That™ also offers a personal look at ski professionals both on and off the slopes. They post their own information to their profiles on the website. Ski Like That™ supports professional ski and snowboard instruction as a way to enjoy your snow sports experience and the resorts you visit. All lessons and instruction must be booked through the ski and snowboard school at the resort. This site does not authorize or support booking an instructor other than through a ski and snowboard school at a resort.