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CRESTED BUTTE, CO. – Snow skiing season is about to begin and with it comes the launch of a website designed to connect consumers with the top ski instructors in the United States. Until now, most consumers waited until they arrived at a ski resort to find a ski instructor. By signing up with the resorts’ ski schools, vacationers were placed with ski instructors most often without any prior knowledge of which instructor they would be skiing with for the day.™, a comprehensive Internet source for professional ski instructors and skiing enthusiasts launched today.™ is a web site dedicated to promoting the top professionals in the skiing industry. The primary goal for this site is to provide a place for skiers of all levels of proficiency to connect with ski professionals in the industry.™ provides a comprehensive guide designed to identify and recognize the top "Teaching Pros" in the United States and provide a means for other pros or skiers to communicate with them. The site will recognize 100 of the current top ski teaching professionals in the United States and promote them extensively by including a feature section for each pro selected. This exclusive web site provides an opportunity for ski professionals to introduce themselves to the general skiing population through the website. 
Jerry Berg or "Bergie" as he is known to his friends and fellow skiers conceived the idea of His vision is to recognize top ski professionals who make a difference for the industry, and most importantly for their students. He wanted a place for them to be acknowledged for their outstanding guest services, technical abilities and presentation skills. Simply, he wanted to do something for the many ski professionals who often go unrecognized in their profession. 
Partnering with Berg is Julie Calzone, CEO of Calzone & Associates, advertising, public relations and online firm. The two partners are combining ski industry and marketing expertise to create a way for top full time ski teaching pros to be recognized. The vision for™ is to create a comprehensive resource in the ski industry that benefits professionals and consumers alike.™ will link related businesses to the ski industry and create new customers for the industry as well.
"The ski industry has been enthusiastic in its response for the site," said Calzone. "Bergie’s passion, experience and commitment to the profession has resulted in a broad base of support from ski professionals, ski schools and resorts."
The site responds to the top two reasons why beginner skiers or "never-evers" don’t frequent the slopes. Visitations to ski resorts have been declining annually. The snow sports industry conducted research a year ago that uncovered the top reasons why this occurred. Consumers reported that they didn’t have anyone to ski with or felt they weren’t any good as their top reasons for not skiing. "With that knowledge, we knew we were on the right track with this site," continued Calzone.
The site will feature the bergiesbest™ All Stars, the Top Ten Ski professionals and bergiesbest™ Top 100 Ski Pros, all of whom have been selected by industry peers. Each ski pro was selected from various categories of men and women ranging from Rising Stars under the age of 25, Pros between the ages of 26 to 49, Mentors and last but not least, the Legends of the sport. To accomplish this selection process, an organized group of nominators located throughout the United States worked through the off-season to select the Top 100 for this inaugural year. The following were necessary requirements to meet the selection criteria: absolutely the best skiers, good people, proven to be outstanding in guest services, technical aces and outstanding presentation skills. The Top 100 were chosen from over 400 nominations.
"As a ski school Director, I know how valuable recognition is toward motivating and inspiring a staff of instructors. Recognition from our peers is what keeps us striving for higher levels of achievement in both our technical and social skills. Jerry Berg deserves the highest level of recognition for his bergiesbest. With bergiesbest, as the goal for instructors all over America, the industry and our profession has a new level of excellence to reach for. Congratulations Bergie for creating bergiesbest, it will provide cherished recognition to America’s best instructors." 
-Charlie Farnan, Director Crested Butte Ski & Snowboard School™ is populating a directory with ski professionals throughout the United States. This directory enables users to search for a ski instructor by name, state, and ski resort. Ski instructors registered on the site have a personal page detailing their credentials and interests as well as contact information. Users will be able to communicate with ski instructors and make decisions about their ski lessons before arriving at a resort.
Consumers will be able to easily search for the complete ski experience on, everything from a ski instructor to airfares to lodging and more. They can learn a great deal about a resort area even if they’ve never been there. The profiles of the ski instructors are filled with favorite restaurants, hangouts, lodging, ski runs and other local favorites. It’s like having several tour guides on line.
The site will feature a wide array of services including: a free™ e-mail account for ski instructors that register, a personal web page for those professionals, recognition of the top full time teaching pros, the selection panel and nomination committee and a comprehensive directory of ski instructors. "Winterville™" serves consumers needs in booking online reservations for restaurants, hotel/lodging, airline tickets, books, tapes, and music.™ is a product of bergiesbest™, LLC located in Crested Butte, Colorado. 
Visit for more information about the site or contact Julie Calzone via e-mail at or by phone at 337.235-2924.