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Summer is in full swing. It's time to keep in shape and prepare for the next season!
An effective pre-season training regimen is essential to reducing injuries and fatigue and blowing everyone away on the slopes!
A good training regimen consists of 6 parts:
-30-60 minutes of endurance training 3-5 times a week helps boost the amount of oxygen delivered to your muscles while skiing and greatly improves your endurance on the snow!
-Exercises such as running, biking, rowing, skating, stairs, and swimming are all great options!
-Anaerobic means “without oxygen.” This doesn’t mean to train while holding your breath!
-Anaerobic training allows your muscles to work harder and more effectively in a state of oxygen depravation, which your body will go through several times during a ski.
-Exercise intensely for 30 seconds to 3 minutes and then “rest” for the same amount of time. An example would be biking hard for 2 minutes and then letting the bike coast for the same time.
-If you couple 1 to 2 anaerobic exercises every week with 2 to 3 aerobic workouts, you will help your body to utilize both systems effectively.
Strength Training
-Obviously your legs are important to work on, but other muscle groups, such as your chest and back, are essential to the sport.
-Implement exercises such as free weights, squats, medicine ball training, or resistance bands 2 to 3 times a week!
-After a warm-up, slow and deep 20-30 second stretches should be done 2 to 3 times for each muscle group.
-Every skier knows the importance of balance during a ski run.
-Exercises such as single-leg squats, balancing boards and grid reaching are great examples of activities to increase your balance. Make it harder by closing your eyes!
-Of course, make sure there is something safe, and hopefully soft for you to land on!
-After six weeks of strength training, one can begin 1 or 2 sessions of plyometrics a week!
-Plyometrics help your muscles exert the maximum amount of force in the least amount of time as possible with controlled landings to maximize your body’s coordination.
-Exercises include long jumping, tuck jumps and plyometric pushups!
Of course, you will want to check with your doctor before you start any regimen! Be sure to check your local gym for personal trainers that can be a guiding hand through your training!

With all these options, we’re sure that you can find something that you’ll enjoy! During training, don’t forget to log onto so that we can help you book your next trip! And go over to our Facebook to post your favorite exercises for your fellow skiers to see! 

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