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 (, USA) - How many times have you heard, "I wish I could ski like that" when you were watching someone having a great time skiing? Skiing and snowboarding is a skill that can actually be learned on a first trip to a ski resort with the help of one of the hundreds of great teachers employed by the ski schools in the United States. is a ski site for instructors and skiers who want to make a connection. It is designed to identify and recognize the top "teaching pros" working in the United States and provide a means for other pros and skiers to communicate with them.
The site responds to one of the reasons why beginner skiers or "never-evers" don’t frequent the slopes. If potential snow sports travelers don't have anyone to ski with or feel they weren’t any good, they don't keep skiing. Having a ski instructor helps visitors to the nation's slopes develop their skills more quickly than if they try on their own or with a friend or spouse. There's always some one to ski with and who can make sure that the customer explores more of the mountain safely.
Ski and snowboard instructors are also great resources for the local treasures of restaurants, attractions and entertainment venues. They are often a ski resorts most valuable asset and possess excellent customer service skills. They can learn a great deal about a resort area even if they’ve never been there. The profiles of the ski instructors are filled with favorite restaurants, hangouts, lodging, ski runs and other local favorites. It’s like having several tour guides on line.
The website provides a place for ski and snowboard professionals to be recognized to enhance their professional careers. It benefits consumers by giving them a resource to identify the top ski instructors for lessons, referrals and consultation in the ski and snowboarding industry.
Website visitors can search for ski pros by first name, last name, state or resort. Ski and snowboard instructors receive a free single profile page on the site and can register anytime. Ski and snowboard schools are also given free placement on the site.